True Life Charitable Trust

Our Works


Educating underprivileged children is not only a matter of social justice but also an investment in building a better future for society as a whole. By empowering these children, we help break the cycle of poverty and inequality, allowing them to build their lives and contribute positively to their communities.

By establishing tuition centers and helping programs, we educate children and help them to cover school fees or provide financial assistance and scholarship enabling them to pursue higher education and vocational training opening doors to better opportunities in the future. We ensure that these children can attend school and get educated without financial obstacles 


Empowering individuals to become self-sustaining through vocational and skills training, as well as support for small startups, is a transformative approach that promotes economic independence and resilience. These programs can focus on a wide range of fields, including trades, technology, craftsmanship, etc. By equipping people with practical skills and entrepreneurial knowledge, we can enable them to create sustainable livelihoods and positively impact their communities. In addition to vocational training, it is essential to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary knowledge and resources to start their own small businesses. This can involve mentoring, business development workshops, and access to microfinance or small business loans.

Women Equality

Women’s empowerment and gender equality are crucial for the progress and well-being of societies worldwide. Empowering women entails creating an environment where they have equal access to opportunities, resources, and decision-making power, allowing them to fully participate in all aspects of life. By fostering gender equality, we create a world where all individuals can realize their full potential, free from discrimination and barriers based on gender.

We ensure women’s health and well-being as integral to their equality by improving access to quality education, and healthcare, addressing social disparity, and combating gender-based discrimination, and violence in society. 

Relief Efforts

Our relief efforts aim to address immediate needs such as food, clean water, shelter, medical aid, and protection. It involves the rapid deployment of resources, expertise, and personnel to ensure that the most vulnerable individuals and communities receive the assistance they desperately need.

By providing emergency relief to the most needy people, we offer a lifeline during their darkest moments. we not only alleviate immediate suffering but also offer hope and the promise of a brighter future to them.